i like being alone way too much..
A night together.

I want to cuddle into your arms, just having you wrap your arms around me just makes me feel safe. I want to give you cute little pecks, maybe tease a little by biting your lip or tenderly kissing your lip. I just want to lay next to you, look at your face and pinch your cheeks wide. I honestly don’t care what we would do, as long as you’ll be the last person I close my eyes to and the first person I see when I open my eyes. I miss you.

The relationships that argue a lot..

usually last the longest.

Why do I say that? Because they both have their own opinion(s). The way they look at things, the way they understand each other, makes the relationship stronger. This may not be the case in every relationship, but if you know how to understand your partner, it’ll last. I prefer having a tough relationship instead of a ‘go with the flow’ relationship. Why? Because we’re not afraid of disagreeing with each other.

you were everything i was looking for. when i wasn’t looking. :)

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i always cry over the same damn thing. :’(

Love makes you crazy, I swear. Like when you’re in love all you want to do is see that person all the time and like all you think about is that person. You really don’t give a shit about anything and anyone else. You still love him/her even he/she hurts you so bad. You do crazy shit just to see that person though. You risk getting in trouble, money, time, work, family, friends, basically whatever it takes for you to see that person, you’ll do it because well, they’re worth it.

minsan kaya nakita mo yung halaga ko?? have you ever remembered some small things about me?? have you ever consider me more than a girlfriend to you?? obviously not!!! hindi ko alam kung til kelan ako magtitimpi at kayang magtimpi. that really hurts. and the worst part, im starting to get used to it.

Don’t get mad when you see someone else treating me the way you never treated me.
words no longer mean a thing. ACTIONS are EVERYTHING!